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Payment technology solutions for banks, fintech & businesses​

Strategic partnership

ATG is honored and proud to receive the trust of partners in the fields of finance and banking, fintech and businesses.

About Us

Since 2016, at ATG – Alternative Technology Global, we apply appropriate new methods and technologies to solve problems for optimal efficiency, meeting diverse and complex requirements with solutions & technologies. Simple, convenient.

Areas of expertise

We receive the trust of our partners through the following 3 typical areas:

Digital Payment

Payment gateway products and solutions, mobile payments, POS terminals and contactless readers, NFC & HCE, Smart card applications. All built on Blockchain technology platform.

Digital Conversion

Providing digital solutions for all areas of business, fundamentally changing the way we operate and delivering value to our customers.

Business Consultancy

Provide services with the ability to support customers throughout the business lifecycle – from ideation to implementation.

Tư Vấn Doanh Nghiệp

Cung cấp các dịch vụ với khả năng hỗ trợ khách hàng suốt vòng đời kinh doanh – từ khâu hình thành ý tưởng tới khâu triển khai.

Tìm hiểu các giải pháp của ALTTEKGlobal

ALTTEKGlobal's solutions​

The ALTTEKGlobal team provides your business with innovative, quality solutions that enhance the customer experience.

Unified Payment Hub

It is an essential tool to perfect the system integration, solve the problem of diverse payment methods and synchronize the connection between companies and partners in the group.


Provide an instant, transparent payment solution using modern blockchain technology

Card Management System

Provide management system and digitize card issuance with modern blockchain technology

Quick registration for payment acceptance service (RMO)

The solution to automate the payment acceptance service with a specialized 5-step process

POS System

Providing digital payment applications following new technology trends to modernize the sales process

Payment Acceptance Service

Digitizing payment solutions helps to modernize sales processes, operations and improve the quality of services provided to customers.

And so much more...

The team at ALTTEKGlobal is always striving to take care of customers and create new solutions to enhance the user experience.

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